Team World Retains The Medio Cup

LAS VEGAS, NV – The Medio Cup is a Ryder Cup style event that pits the top World representatives at the MGAWC vs. the top San Francisco representatives. For those of you who have been living under a rock, San Francisco is the original MGA Chapter and clearly represents America in this Ryder Cup scenario, while the World team represents the rag-tag list of no-name Europeans.

The World team is filled by taking the 10 highest-ranked attending players on the GML, plus two captain’s picks. The World team captain is the top-ranked non-SF player present at the MGAWC.

San Francisco is captained by their Chapter Money Champ and features their top 10 attending players, plus two captain’s picks.

There are 10 points on offer in the Medio Cup, with 8 singles matches and 2 four-ball matches. Coming into MGAWC21, the overall record was 5-4 in favor of The World. The World “won” their last two Cups with 5-5 ties, after taking control of The Cup with a 6-4 victory at MGAWC17.

This year there were blowouts on either side and a few close matches that might have flipped the result. The most dramatic of these was The World’s Erik Angelo, beating SF’s Rob Kristie by holing out from a bunker on the final hole.

In the end, it was another narrow victory for The World and San Francisco is already plotting their next move. After trading Willie Dills to Austin a few years ago, SF made some big money moves to rebuild the team, successfully luring top World-ers Rob Koth and Matt Telles away from their respective chapters.

Unfortunately, those moves have yet to pay dividends and SF may need to try to bring in perennial GML front runners like Kevin Thompson or Mike Robin to bolster their ranks. Perks on offer to these medios include a free tent, a map of sidewalk camping sites where the cops won’t bother you and easy access to any illegal drug you can dream of.