Hole In Two Challenge Proves… Challenging

LAS VEGAS, NV – Every year at the MGAWC medios are given the chance to win a free Top Medio membership for the following season. All they need to do is get a meagle on a par 3 that has been carefully selected by El Presidente himself.

The selection process goes something like this:

  1. El Presidente scans the scorecard to find the longest par 3.
  2. He designates that hole the Hole In Two Challenge hole.

The HI2 Challenge hole also features a beautiful and expensive backdrop, which unsurprisingly is desecrated bit by bit with each passing group. In spite of that, we have a number of good humored sponsors who choose to help support our brand of golf and community.

Please check out Race For RP, Simply Vegas Real Estate, Streamline Home Loans and Clear Title to thank them for the support.

The HI2 Challenge was on its traditional hole at Revere this year, number 8 on Lexington. The hole played 181 yards and the cup was cut on a side-hill. This might explain why only 4 medios were able to meagle the hole on day 1 and absolutely none were able to score on day 2 after the wind picked up.

The HI2 Challenge hole at the Born Hairy was on a 193 yard par 3, so it should come as no surprise that not a single player was able to cash in from that event. It was a bit shocking how many 3’s were recorded on that hole though.


Pete Bedell
DJ Fajt
Jeff Hale
Brian Lopez