The Mediocre Golf Association World Championship was created in 2009, when the MGA expanded from one chapter to a mind blowing four.

It featured 35-ish players and The Belt was fittingly won by the Greatest MGAer Of All Time, Todd “Benoit” Benoit.


Since then, the Belt has traveled to a total of seven different chapters and even went overseas when Ireland MGA’s Mike McMorrow won it in 2015.

The event has grown every year and 2018 was no exception. For #THETENTH MGAWC we had our first ever sellout! We fully expect another one in 2019, so register early if you want in.

We got an exciting new Champ last year and he has done a great job getting The Belt out there on the Official World Champ Instagram.

If you think you can do better, you’re gonna have to take The Belt from him first!

Bring it on!

The purpose of the MGAWC is to:

  1. Party with mediocre golfers from all over the world.
  2. Crown a World Champion of mediocre golf.

The event is open to any card carrying member of the MGA. However, to make sure we don’t crown a damn dirty sandbagger, there are some eligibility requirements.