MGAWC21: Whoops. We forgot to give something away.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Listen, in our defense, there was a lot going on. Also, we got this product kinda last minute, so we didn’t really have a plan on how to give it away. None of that matters now though and I doubt whoever wins this is going to care one bit how they got it.

Up for grabs is a Rapsodo mobile launch monitor. This $499 device will tell you how far you topped/chunked each shot on the range, along with a bunch of other cool stuff. Here’s a video explaining the contest.


Open only to MGAWC21 attendees (because I was suppose to give it away at the event).

Submit your guesses HERE.

Your last chance to submit will be 11:30 AM PST on Friday 11.26.21.

The winning shot will be revealed that day at noon.