The time has come!!! Make sure you not only make the bus, but that you get on the right bus. It should be easy, since the early birds in the Born Hairy will be hot on the worm’s tail long before the MGAWC busses leave.


Before you put your bag on the bus, make sure you have a name tag on it. When you get to the course, the staff will be unloading the bags and putting them onto your cart for you.


The busses will all pick up on 3rd street, at the hotel exit by the front desk. There will be many, many golfers there, so it will be hard to miss.

There will be two 56-passenger busses taking you Born Hairy-ers to Arroyo Golf Club. They will leave a 6:30 AM. Masks are optional and our volunteers will have some available if you’d like one.

BORN HAIRY -entry list-

There will be four 56-passenger busses taking MGAWCers to Revere. They will leave at 7:30 AM. Same deal with the masks.

MGAWC –entry list-


Pairings for round 1 were set using your Global Money List position.

The pairings will be on the carts and there will be course staff to help you to your cart, but you can also check them out at the bottom of this page (they are posted as soon as El Presidente gets them).

Both tournaments are shotgun starts. The Born Hairy starts at 8 and the MGAWC starts at 9.


In case you missed it, we’re making a change at Revere this year and playing the courses as intended instead of mixing 9s. That means you’ll play all of Lexington one day and all of Concord the next or vice-versa.


The tee markers for the field on all of the courses are custom made MGA tee markers. Play from those markers no matter how unfair you think El Presidente was being when he (and Tessa) plunged them into the earth with their bare hands.

As a reminder, anyone whose entire MGA handicap and competition history for 2022 is based on senior tees, may play up at the next set of markers in front of the MGAWC and Born Hairy markers.

Any ladies whose entire MGA handicap and competition history for 2022 is based on ladies tees, may play the Bronze tees at Revere and the Green tees at Arroyo.


Revere did great with the breakfast burritos and bloodys today and we expect it will be the same story Friday morning. Arroyo has told us there will be breakfast burritos ready for purchase there as well.

You will get a boxed lunch (on your cart at Revere and delivered to you at Arroyo) and two drink tickets (stapled to your scorecard at both courses).

At Revere, they will also be setting up a hot dog and burger stand at the turn on each course from 11-2ish.


After the round at Revere, we will hold the Kinda Long Drive and Kinda Close to the pin challenges. If you won a sticker this year at either of those, you’re in the competition.

Because there will be a wedding going on, we will need to drive our carts to #17 for the CTP contest and #16 for the LD contest.

At the Born Hairy, we finally have the whole course rented, so we’ll do the same style contest after the round! The contests will be held on holes 17 and 18.


Both courses will allow you to leave your clubs with them overnight.

If you do leave your clubs, you are leaving them at your own risk. If they disappear or you don’t show up the last day to take them home, the MGA is not responsible. We’ve never had any issues in the past at Revere, but consider yourself warned.


The busses will load up and head back to the hotel once everyone gets off the course. That should be around 2:30 at the Born Hairy (damn well better be) and 3:30-ish at the MGAWC.


It’s free-range Friday, with no planned events after the round. Have a great fucking time and tag your pics with #MGAWC22.

El Presidente


Sorted by hole….

Sorted by name…


BLUE GROUP. You will play Concord on Friday and Lexington on Saturday.


You will play Lexington on Friday and Concord on Saturday.