IT’S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!!!! DUH DUH DUUUH DUH, DUH DUH DUH DUH DUHHHHH!!! One of you daring medios who came to Vegas will be our next World Champion! Will Tallahassee’s Joey St. Germain hold onto his round 1 lead or will a dark horse from deep in the field trample him to death, teabag his corpse and ride off into the sunset wearing a fancy new Belt?!

MGAWC Round 1 Leaderboard

And in the Born Hairy… can anyone catch the rocket ship OCMGA’s Steven Hernandez strapped himself to during round 1?!

Born Hairy Round 1 Leaderboard


Same times as Friday, so not much has changed in this paragraph. No one moves between tournaments this weekend, so if you were in the Born Hairy yesterday, you’re still in it. Same with the WC.

There will be two 56-passenger busses taking you Born Hairy-ers to Arroyo Golf Club. They leave at 6:30 AM.

There will be three 56-passenger busses taking WCers to Revere. They leave at 7:30 AM.


The groups have been redone and are kinda based on finishing order in round 1.

The top half of each field is based on finishing order, while the bottom half has been reshuffled using a random number generator. It didn’t seem like a great idea for pace-of-play-wise to pair all the highest stroke-takers together.

The pairings and starting holes will be on the carts and there will be course staff to help you to your cart, but you can also check them out at the bottom of this page.

Both tournaments are shotgun starts. The Born Hairy starts at 8 (hopefully) and the MGAWC starts at 9.


At the WC, play the course you didn’t play yesterday. This should happen automatically as long as you end up in the cart with your name on it.


The tee markers for the field on all of the courses are custom made MGA tee markers. Play from those markers no matter how unfair you think El Presidente was being when he (and Tessa) plunged them into the earth with their bare hands.

As a reminder, anyone whose entire MGA handicap and competition history for 2022 is based on senior tees, may play up at the next set of markers in front of the MGAWC and Born Hairy markers.

Any ladies whose entire MGA handicap and competition history for 2022 is based on ladies tees, may play the Bronze tees at Revere and the Green tees at Arroyo.


Breakfast options will probably be just like they were Friday.

You will get a boxed lunch at each course with two drink tickets for the drink cart.

IMPORTANT: There will also be 2 green drink tickets stapled to the card for each player. These are good at the closing ceremonies, so put them in your wallet and bring them with you.


We have a lot of tabulating to do before the closing ceremonies, so get those scorecards filled in (put your front and back nine totals on the card), matched and handed to the volunteers right after you get in.

After the round at Revere, we will hold the Kinda Long Drive and Kinda Close to the pin challenges. If you won a sticker this year at either of those, you’re in the competition.

Remember to take your clubs back to the hotel!


The doors to the Downtown Grand pool deck will open at 8 PM and we will start handing out awards around 8:30. You’ll have your drink tickets that you got at the course and some light finger food (NOT DINNER).

Guests are welcome, but they obviously don’t get drink tickets and if they want to go through the food line, they will need to pay a $10 cover at the door. It’s honor system, so if they’re not going to eat, they don’t need to pay.

Have a great time and tag your pics with #MGAWC22

El Presidente



Red Group (playing Concord)

Blue Group (playing Lexington)