The time has come!!! Make sure you not only make the bus, but that you get on the right bus. It should be easy, since the poor souls in the Born Hairy will be long gone before the MGAWC busses leave.


The busses will all pick up on 3rd street, at the hotel exit by the front desk. There will be many, many golfers there, so it will be hard to miss.

BORN HAIRY -entry list-

There will be one 56-passenger bus taking you Born Hairy-ers to Siena Golf Club. It will leave a 6:30 AM. If you got a mask from us before the practice round, please bring it. We have lots of masks, but don’t want to run out.

MGAWC –entry list-

There will be five 56-passenger busses taking you to Revere. They will leave at 7:30 AM. Same deal with the masks.


Pairings have been set in advance this year for all the rounds, so that we could accommodate peoples requests for a vaccinated cart partner. If this is the first you’re hearing of this, I’m not sure where you’ve been the last four months, but it’s too late now to put in a request.

The pairings will be on the carts and there will be course staff to help you to your cart, but you can also check them out at the bottom of this page (Maybe. If El Presidente finds a few minutes to post them.)

Both tournaments are shotgun starts. The Born Hairy starts at 8 and the MGAWC starts at 9.


The tee markers on all of the courses are custom made MGA tee markers. Play from those markers no matter how unfair you think El Presidente was being when he plunged them into the earth with his bare hands.

Any players whose MGA handicap is based on forward tees may play the Bronze tees at the MGAWC and the Green tees at the Born Hairy.


There will be LIMITED breakfast options at the courses. All of them have promised to have some breakfast burritos ready, but we usually wipe them out pretty quick. So if you can’t function without a breakfast sandwich, we recommend getting up crazy early and hitting up Dunkin or Dennys.

You will get a boxed lunch before the round begins and two drink tickets.

Revere has hot dogs on their beverage carts. I’m not sure about Siena.


After the round at Revere, we will hold the Kinda Long Drive and Kinda Close to the pin challenges. If you won a sticker this year at either of those, you’re in the competition. Bring a driver and 1 ball to the LD comp and then a few clubs that might go 155-ish to the CTP comp.

At the Born Hairy, we can’t do the competition because we don’t have the whole course rented. So there will be one LD hole and one CTP hole out there for everyone to take part in. Your esteemed Born Hairy Chairman Toby Olsen is back this year and will present those awards before you leave the course.


If you are playing at Revere, you have the option to leave your clubs at the course. Born Hairy player must take their clubs back to the hotel, as the two BH rounds are at different courses.

MGAWC Player List Born Hairy Player List

If you do leave your clubs, you are leaving them at your own risk. If they disappear or you don’t show up the last day to take them home, the MGA is not responsible. We’ve never had any issues in the past at Revere, but consider yourself warned.


The busses will load up and head back to the hotel once everyone gets off the course. That should be around 2 at the Born Hairy (damn well better be) and 3:30-ish at the MGAWC.


It free-range Friday, with no planned events after the round. As always, the go-to meeting spot is the Gold Spike Backyard Playground.

Have a great time today and tag your pics with #MGAWC21.

El Presidente