Medio Cup Matchups Set

LAS VEGAS, NV – Tomorrow during round 1 of the MGAWC, 24 lucky medios will battle it out in a Ryder Cup style competition to try and win the coveted Medio Cup. It’s the San Francisco VS. The World in the fall classic and recently The World has had a stranglehold on The Cup. But San Francisco has never been one to back down from a challenge and they’re coming out swinging tomorrow. Here are the matchups.


Jon Morley SF vs. Willie Dills AUSTIN

Todd Benoit SF vs. Miguel Slowvick PHOENIX

Jesse Marty SF vs. Michael Halbach BOSTON

Rob Koth SF vs. Kevin Thompson PHOENIX

Bob Giosso SF vs. Kevin Quinlevan LOS ANGELES

Rob Kristie SF vs. Erik Angelo WEST VALLEY AZ

Matt Telles SF vs. Bob Ross YELLOWKNIFE

Scott Sanders SF vs. Mike Robin SPRING HILL


Justin Davidson & Chris Jonsson SF vs. James Davidson HOUSTON & Cliff Schweigert TAYLOR

Robbie Ostrow & Andy Murray SF vs. Jeremiah Davidson HOUSTON & Pete Bedell SPRING HILL

Because The World holds The Cup, they only need a 5-5 tie to retain it. SF must take 5.5 points to win The Cup back. The results will be revealed at the Saturday night awards ceremony.