Good morning medios! You’ve got a nice relaxed day today with our late tee time. It will be a true miracle if you oversleep and miss the bus today!


It will be two 15-passenger vans today and they’ll pickup at the Downtown Grand Valet at 10AM. When we move to the busses, the pickup will be on 3rd street, assuming that street isn’t closed for filming (as it was last night).


Pairings have been set in advance this year for all the rounds, so that we could accommodate peoples requests for a vaccinated cart partner. If this is the first you’re hearing of this, I’m not sure where you’ve been the last four months, but it’s too late now to put in a request.

The pairings will be on the carts, but you can also check them out here.

It’s straight tee times and the first group goes off at 11:30.


We are play our usual custom mix of tee boxes. For the tournament rounds they will be marked with MGAWC tee markers, but today you will need to use this guide if you want to practice from the correct boxes. TEE GUIDE (I’ve printed some out too and plan to give you those, but I sometimes forget things)


There is no lunch or drink tickets included today, so plan accordingly. The restaurant at the course reportedly will be open and serving.


We will ask the course during the round if they are able to store your clubs and let you know post round.

If so, you are leaving them at your own risk. If they disappear or you don’t show up the last day to take them home, the MGA is not responsible.


There is no specific time. We’ll round up our 16 players post-round and head back when everyone is ready.


I personally evaluated the Gold Spikes Backyard Playground area last night… twice. It’s great and that will definitely be our go-to hang/meeting spot for the weekend. If you walk out the door at valet, you can see the string light in across the street.

Have a great time today!

El Presidente