Arriving At The MGAWC

LAS VEGAS, NV – In just a few days time, medios from around the World will start to descend upon Vegas to wage a kinda-intense battle for the MGA World Championship! If you’re one of the lucky 345 making the trip, here is some info on getting in, getting settled and getting drunk.


The hotel doesn’t have an airport shuttle; but if you’re looking to save a few bucks, there is a bus line that will get you very close to the hotel for $6! It leaves every half hour, which is less time than it took me to get an Uber last time I was there (I actually gave up and took a *gasp* cab).

CENTENNIAL EXPRESS – Take the CX line right from the airport to the “NB 4th after Carson” stop and you’ll be pretty darn close to the Downtown Grand. Read all about it and check the schedule HERE.


The hotel has all the reservations (unless of course you, me or the hotel screwed it up somehow). If you try to check-in and have issues, you can call our Downtown Grand contact Jasleen Saenz at (702) 719-5331. She’s very nice. Be patient, polite and you’ll look like less of a douche when it turns out you actually bought the wrong package.

If you’re OCD and need to know for sure everything about your reservation is perfect, you can email me at to double check.


Once you’re all checked in and ready to mingle, we suggest heading right around the corner to the Gold Spike Backyard Playground. It’s a great outdoor space with games that is going to be the un-official hang/meeting place for MGAWC21.

That’s it for now. Check this site often to stay up to date on all things MGAWC.

We’ll post a news article outlining the details of each day. This site is pretty much only place we’ll be disseminating information. The MGA Instagram story being the other, but it will just be reiterating info you can already find here.

Once your wild and crazy adventure begins, remember to tag all your Instagram posts with #MGAWC21

See you kinda soon!

El Presidente