GML #6 – “Mr. 298” Mike Hanley

THE INTERNET, CA – Cincinnati MGA’s Mike Hanley burst onto the scene last year during the Rock Em Sock Em Kinda Long Drive contest at #MGAWC16. After a winless debut season in 2016, the contest victory in Vegas apparently flipped a switch within Hanley, activating his “maybe don’t suck quite as much after hitting good drives” ability. As a result, 2017 has been an incredible year for Hanley, who despite missing the Am-Am and totally shitting the bed at the Bratish, is still in with a shot at the 2017 Global Money Title.


Nickname and backstory of it:

Mr. 298 I gave to myself after crushing a monster drive in last years world long drive contest.

What the most powerful swing at #MGAWC16 looks like. Looks weird and foreign to me. I thought your hips and shoulders were supposed to stop at impact.

When and how did you start playing golf:

Picked up some clubs in 6th grade for the golf team. There wasn’t much consistency with playing growing up, until I lived in North Carolina one winter and would play 4 rounds every weekend.


When and how did you hear about and join the MGA?:

I am a Real Estate Agent, one of the inspectors I work with (Matt Neary) introduced me to the MGA about 2 years ago. He kept bugging the shit out of me about it after previous efforts resulted in me doing nothing. Finally, I gave in, now I’m working on my own personal MGA trophy drawer.

Hanley’s profile pic on Zillow.

Does your wife or girlfriend give two shits about your status as an MGA god?

Contrary to medio beliefs, “I’m the longest man on Earth” has not proved to be a successful opener for women. The few times it has worked, disappointment followed.


Strongest part of your game:

Being the reigning World Long Drive Champ, some would think that the long ball would be the strongest part. But you know the old saying, “Drive for show, putt for dough” – hence my absolute surge to the top of the GML.


Medio you would most like to take on in the Medio Cup at the MGAWC and why (if you don’t know what this is, go to while I wipe away my tears):

I’m going to have to go with Scott Sanders. For a few reason; the 1st is he is one of 2 names I recognize, but also because I had met him at the WC’s last year and he seemed like a pretty solid guy to throw some back with.


Now that Sanders is famous, it may be tougher for Hanley to secure that match.

-See why Sanders is famous here-

Quirkiest/weirdest thing about you or your golf game:

I am lefty so from what I am told that makes me weird. I try to live up to it.


Something else in life you are exceptionally kinda alright at:

I used to be a professional baseball player. So being able to throw in the low 90s was pretty sweet.


This is the first I’ve heard of Mike being a professional athlete. I will begin the award reclaimation proceedings immediately. -El Presidente

What would it mean to you to top the MGA Global Money List at the end of the year?

When you’ve dominated in sports your entire life, adding another notch on the belt becomes mundane.


Are you coming to the MGAWC?

I feel that I would be doing the world an injustice if I didn’t show up to defend my long drive championship.