GML #20 – Robert “Daryl” Braithwaite

THE INTERNET, CA – Turns out, an interview series with the Top 5 on the GML gets all kinds of fucked up if you don’t get to quickly enough. I swear Mr. Braithwaite from the Hobart chapter (that’s in Tasmania) was a strong contender for Global Money Champ a few weeks ago. But now, after a shocking 109 and a 12th place finish at the MGA Championship, he’s just a man who barely makes the cut on the front page of the Stats section.

Screen Shot 2017-09-01 at 3.14.45 PM.jpg

Perhaps it’s fitting though, that we shed some light on a (former) Global contender who just proved that he is almost as mediocre as the rest of us. In fact, he’s probably going to be the most relatable one when this is all said and done. Enjoy!

Nickname and backstory of it:

Rob – It’s short for Robert…?

Hey-Zues (Jesus) – Having had long hair and a full coverage of beard and a similar look to the common depiction of the biblical character, it is likely someone will make this connection. This really took off in the days working in the nightclub, drunk people really are clever!

Daryl or Daz – this is probably my favorite, is an Aussie icon who sang a few classic Aussie songs.

The Horses –

LOOK! It’s the type of animal I named my song after!!

One Summer –

I have been known to tell and convince people, usually at the pub (bar), he is my great-uncle. Or if people mispronounce my last name I inform them it’s the same as Daryl Braithwaite then they proceed to ask if he is related. Answer: Yes.

The “One Summer” album cover?

When and how did you start playing golf:

I started golf as a kid, say 7 or 8, my next door neighbor was a golf pro. My old man would take me out for the Saturday round as his caddy and let me hit a few down the back of the course, away from the clubhouse, I became very good at holding the flag and still do this a lot as I am usually the closest. I did win the junior charity hole in 1 comp when I was 11, I was hitting 1 handed as I had a broken scapula. later disqualified as the age limit was 10. Bullshit!

With two healthy scapulas and a bit more experience under his belt, Braithwaite can now completely and utterly destroy 10 year-olds on the golf course… most of the time.

When and how did you hear about and join the MGA?:

I heard about the MGA when I ran into an old school mate. He said, “You play golf don’t you Rob?”

I replied, “Yes, but not much lately.”

He said, “I play in the MGA” and the rest is history.

Does your wife or girlfriend give two shits about your status as an MGA god?

Girlfriend Erin replied,   “Yeah I do. I just wish you would take me out to dinner with your winnings.”

It is unknown whether Erin is prouder of Braithwaite’s golf accomplishments or this local news appearance in what looks to be an amazing outfit.

Strongest part of your game:

My short game is my strong point. If that’s off I’m stuffed. I do pride myself with the putter in hand. More than 30 putts for me is not good enough. I still hold the record for best round at putters adventure golf, an 8 under 46 on the outside mountain course. (set in 2003 and has not been verified since)

Course management can evade me at times but this does increase my course knowledge. Yet to hit anything other than a driver off the tee at an MGA event yet (par 3’s excluded) Started taking huge divots from 120 in, this is starting to be the strongest part of my game! FFS

Course management can evade me at times but this does increase my course knowledge.

What Medio you would most like to take on in the Medio Cup at the MGAWC and why (if you don’t know what this is, go while I wipe away my tears):

Let’s take on Todd Benoit, It is hard to look past the plethora of Rob’s, Bob’s etc. in the SFMGA but Todd looks like he thinks he’s good and with a similar amount of penalties as me I think I could get him on tilt by the end of 18. That said I won’t be making it to The MGAWC this year.

We attempted to reach Benoit for comment, but he was on vacation.


What is something else in life you are exceptionally kinda alright at:

I’m also kind alright at Darts, having hit 7 perfect 180’s to date there is potential but not much.

Cricket – (It’s like baseball, yes the ball bounces before you hit it, you can hit it in any direction, you don’t have to run when you hit it especially if you will get out and it does go for ages) but I’m kinda alright at it having played cricket against or with many of the other MGAers in Hobart I won’t get away with saying I’m good or better than good because I’m not but I do have some good days.

Braithwaite playing some bizarre Tasmanian form of darts.

What would it mean to you to top the MGA Global Money List at the end of the year?

It is nice to dream about topping the Global but in hindsight, I still need to play my sixth for the T-shirt,  win the chapter and stay top 10 in the Global. DeSio looks unstoppable. If I could pull off the miraculous then It would be my greatest achievement to date. I have won many things, including a State title in poker, but never anything this important.

Easter 2.JPG
Braithwaite humbly failed to mention that he won “best outfit” at this Easter party. (I’m making assumptions here… but c’mon…)