First Bronze Ticket Found!

SOMEWHERE IN THE MGA – Yesterday one lucky medio shot a perfect 90 for his first win, making it officially the best day of his life. But then, incredibly, things got even better. He picked one of his chapter’s four remaining Bronze Ticket packets and after casually tearing into the well-sealed envelope, something everyone was beginning to doubt would ever happen, finally took place. A Bronze Ticket revealed itself and this lucky medio won himself a free 3 night / 2 round package in Vegas at the MGAWC!

El Presidente was thrilled to see a Bronze Ticket revealed and is hoping this will shut those damn conspiracy theorists up.

“Some medios were beginning to question whether the Bronze Tickets even existed,” Morley said. “Although they weren’t the worst of them. The worst were the ones who were asking whether or not the Gold Tickets existed. FML.”

As you can see from the image, the winning Bronze Ticket is very similar to the losing tickets, so literacy is a requirement to win. This was done intentionally to eliminate any chance of premature identification of a winning envelope, which helped ensure the whole experience would last longer and be a lot more satisfying for everyone involved.

The Chapter Leader of the Bronze Ticket winner is working on a story now and did a great job getting video of the big reveal. That story will be posted on the front page of and as soon as it’s ready. Until then, one prize remains and it’s a safe bet all medios will be looking a bit more closely at those tickets if they’re lucky enough to get another win this season.

bronze winner image.jpg