Southwest Fares To The MGAWC Can’t Be Beat!

THE INTERNET, CA – You hate emails. I know this, because of the hurtful and depressing response rate I get to anything I send you. That’s fine. I accept it. I hate junk mail too.


If you don’t sign up for Southwest’s Click ‘N Save alerts, you will miss out on some ridiculously low fares to Vegas. Factor in that your clubs fly free and there really is no better option for getting to #MGAWC17 (read the fine print if you foolishly go Spirit or Allegiant).

Sign up for Click ‘N Save HERE and then you can unsubscribe once you book your flight. Sure your personal info will have been sold to 100 other companies by then, but hey, at least you got a cheap flight out of the deal.

TIPS FROM THE MEDIOS: The flights probably will not get cheaper closer to the event. If you risk waiting, you may save $30 or, more likely, you’ll end up paying $150 more. My flights are already booked.

-El Presidente Jon “Lucky Kick” Morley