Two Add-ons Added On To Online MGAWC Registration Store

In trying to keep registration as simple as possible, sometimes I forget life doesn’t always allow for simplicity. So in response to a few early requests, I added some additional flexibility to the registration store.


If you like to take flights at the ass-crack of dawn and you think you can make it to the course in time for a 10 AM start, you can purchase a package with one less night in the hotel and simply add the practice round to your cart.

You’ll save a few bucks on the hotel, placate the wife by being home one more night and perhaps get a cheaper flight because you’ll be leaving for the airport at 2 AM.

-view in registration store-


Sometimes people like to come to Vegas a day or two early. We don’t ask questions here at the MGA, but we know what’s up. Anyways, if you’d like a few extra days at Sam’s Town, we’re happy to share the good price we’ve negotiated with them.

-view in registration store-