MGAWC22: Know Before You Go

THE INTERNET, CA – It’s Belt week!! We are only five short days (and two long rounds) away from Belting a new MGA World Champ and hot-damn are we excited. 2021 World Champ Paul Zambrano will be back to defend, but he’ll have to beat a STRONG field of contenders to do it.

Go ahead and hit pause on your packing for a minute and check out these fun facts and hot tips to get you ready for MGAWC22.

This is the one-stop-shop for all MGAWC22 information. If it’s on here, it’s kinda official (unless El Presidente drunk-posted it at 3 AM, then take it with a grain of salt).

This is the place to find fields, schedules, pairings and results. Make sure to check the news feed too for the daily “Notes and info” post, which will include any late-breaking information for the day.

We recommend saving to the home screen on your phone for quick and easy access.


This is the official event hashtag and Instagram is our preferred social media.

We encourage Born Hairy participants to use this same hashtag as we are all one big dysfunctional family.


The proper way to introduce yourself is “I’m (insert full name) from (insert chapter)MGA.”

You should probably do this even if you’ve partied with this person at the previous 10 MGAWCs, because names are hard.


Chilly. Probably low-40s when we tee off each day and topping out at 60.

Also, both of our parties start at 8PM and will likely see temps in the 40s as well.



You’ll be shocked to learn the Downtown Grand does not have a complimentary shuttle from the airport.

There is a however, a $6 bus that will drop you kinda close to the hotel. It will take a little planning on your part, but here’s the link if this sort of thing is your jam.

One of our medios took it last year and filed a report (see bottom of page) with some helpful tips.


You will need a credit card at check-in for a $50 incidental hold, but there shouldn’t be any additional charges or fees beyond that.

You can confirm the check-in (3PM) and check-out (11AM) dates we have for you HERE (use the confirmation number from your “paid in full” order to find your record).

If you have any issues, please text El Presidente at (415) 215-0839 and for the love of god, tell him your full name when you text him, so he has at least one clue to solve the mystery of how you screwed things up.


The tee boxes for the field at both the WC and the Born Hairy will be marked with our own custom tee markers. (They won’t be out for the practice rounds, but most of our markers will end up at the Gold tees.)

SENIORS – Any medios who play from the senior tees at their home events and have their entire MGA handicap based on those tees, may move forward from our custom tee markers to the next set of marked tees (whatever color those may be) and tee off from there.

LADIES – Any ladies who play from the forward tees at their home events and have their entire MGA handicap based on those tees, may tee off from the Bronze tees at Revere or the Green tees at Arroyo.


We can’t honor any special requests when it comes to pairings, as that slope is densely covered in a syrupy coat of astro-glide.

Pairings will be set as follows:

Wednesday – Grab a seat in a cart labeled MGA.

Thursday – Pairings are created using a random number generator.

Friday – Pairings are set using your Global Money List position.

Saturday – Pairings are set using the finishing order from round one.


That’s all we can think of for now, but if we think of anything else, you know where to check for it…. right?


The Downtown Grand

206 North 3rd Street

Las Vegas, NV 89101


Revere Golf Club

2600 Hampton Road

Henderson, NV 89052


Arroyo Golf Club

2250 Red Springs Drive

Las Vegas, NV 89135


Here are some notes on the public bus (Centenial Express line) in case it will help others in the future.

I took the bus from the airport Tuesday.  It cost $6 and was worth it for me to save $20.  I would not recommend it however if you’re in a rush or don’t want to walk through the streets with your luggage about 5-10 minutes after you get off.  I arrived around noon and it took me a while to figure out where to go in terminal 1 (aka the Level 0 stop), which is to take the elevator to level 0 and then find the stop for the CX line northbound.  There is a kiosk there too where you can buy a ticket with a charge card.  I just missed the bus, and apparently that was the only time with a 60-minute gap in service instead of the normal 30-minute gap.  The 4th After Stewart stop is closer to the Downtown Grand than the 4th After Carson stop.

On Sunday, the stop southbound back to the airport was at Casino Center After Stewart (I had to look hard to find the sign), also a 5 minute walk.  There is no kiosk so I bought a ticket through their app.  I think I remember reading that cash was an option (no change can be given).  BTW, their app (actually two apps) took a little time to figure out so I wouldn’t suggest getting them at the last minute.  There was a 60-minute gap between busses all day this time but having the app told me when to show up.  Unfortunately, it was running about 15 minutes late.  Also note that there are two airport stops and I ended up going to the wrong one on advice (guess) from the bus driver.  If you take the same airline flying in and out, use the same bus stop.

The latest MGAWC22 news and notes will always be available at

The official hashtag for the event is #MGAWC22.