Tallahassee Wins The Chapters Cup

LAS VEGAS, NV – Tallahassee MGA had one hell of a World Championship. They had the round 1 leader in Joey St. Germain and their man Jon Drath took home the Meltdown Award at the Born Hairy. And of course, Lord Daniel Piotrowski won the whole damn thing and is the reigning World Champion.

The Chapters Cup takes the top 3 total scores from each chapter’s pool of representatives in the WC. Tallahassee brought 10 players to Vegas, seven of whom played in the WC, giving them some options.

Obviously Lord Daniel’s 178 was counted. Round 1 leader Joey St. Germain managed to only shart the bed, leaving him at a respectable 180. Their third hero was some guy named Darryl Rudell, who missed the “money” by two strokes, but still turned in a kinda alright 185 to secure The Chapters Cup for Tallahassee by a whopping seven strokes over San Francisco.

Tallahassee thus becomes only the 3rd chapter outside of San Francisco to ever hold The Chapters Cup. San Francisco has won it seven times, DFW has taken it twice and Salt Lake City won it once way the fuck back in 2014. VIEW HISTORIC RESULTS

Want to know even more about this mystical chapter? Read the write-up by TLHMGA Chapter Leader Ian Kawas HERE

It should be noted that Pahrump managed to secure their 5th straight last place finish and it wasn’t even fucking close. Will they ever be “beaten”?