MGAWC Registrants Should Read This.

THE INTERNET, CA – In the past, we have never offered any sort of confirmation for people who signed up for the World Championship. Medios would just send us a bunch of money and show up, trusting there would be a cart with their name on it and a hotel room for them to sleep in. In a way, it was beautiful and innocent…

Naturally, this led to the occasional fuck up, but surprisingly, not as many as you would think. This year however, we’ve decided to let people peek behind the curtain and see what we have reserved for you in Vegas.

Many of you have already checked this all out thanks to the email we sent at 7:14 PM PT on 10.14 (in case you want to find it in your spam folder) and a few mistakes (all your fault, always) have been caught.

If you didn’t get the email, here’s what you missed.


We need shoe sizes to figure out what ratio to order for one of our gift bag items. We’d be more specific, but we love surprises.


Please only submit your size once.


Find the email receipt from the order where you PAID IN FULL and get your Order #. We recommend you search “Order MGAWC” or “Big Cartel” in your email to do this.

Use that order number HERE to find your row and make sure we’ve got you signed up for all the right stuff.

Tip from the medios: If you can’t find your order # on the spreadsheet, make sure you’re using your pay-in-full order # and not your deposit order #.


We manually register everyone on the MGAWC event page so we can download your stats and then determine who plays in which event. Please locate yourself HERE and email us if:

1. You are missing from the list of players.


2. We registered a different medio who shares your name.

Tip from the medios: We will announce the MGAWC and Born Hairy fields on October 28th.

The latest MGAWC22 news and notes will always be available at

The official hashtag for the event is #MGAWC22.