MGAWC And Born Hairy Tee Boxes Announced!

HENDERSON, NV – Revere is a wonderful course with an embarrassment of riches when it comes to tee boxes. Seriously, there must be 15-20 of them on every hole. With such variety available, the setup of the course can change drastically depending on where the grounds crew feels like setting the tees up on a particular day. After a few years of inconsistent -read: too fucking hard- tee setups, El Presidente took things into his own hands last year.

A few months prior to the 2018 event, he played all 36 holes with Todd Benoit (a huge mistake now looking back on it) and picked the perfect mediocre golfer tee boxes. Read all about it here.

The boxes were debuted last year to rave reviews. Well, to less bitching than usual anyways. The pace of play also seemed to improve. This was thanks to the tees and at least partly thanks to the song Let’s Keep Up, which we also debuted last year. Have you heard it? Probably not, since we can’t post it on any site that can detect blatantly stolen melodies. Check it out.

We will play from the same tees this year and they will be marked with MGAWC flags. You should feel NO temptation to steal these flags, as every one of you will get one in your gift bag.

For those of you who are new to the WC at Revere, you will notice below that we mix the two courses (Lexington and Concord) each day. This is done to confuse the shit out of you.

Just kidding. We do this to equalize the two setups so that no one gets screwed if there’s no wind one day and it’s gusting the next.

If the flags somehow end up on the wrong tee-box, play where the flag is planted. It might suck, but at least it will suck equally for everyone.

The Born Hairy Tour Championship will be playing from the Serpent tees at Chimera, which work out a medio-testing 6359 yards. While the distance is one yard longer than the longest Revere setup, we found the greens slightly less challenging at Chimera so we think it’s a good tee choice for the Championship.

The tees at the Born Hairy will also be marked with MGAWC flags, because it falls under the World Championship umbrella. Plus, it was a lot cheaper to order a shit ton of MGAWC flags than to add a small batch of BHTC flags.