Battle For The Belt

The main event at the MGAWC is the battle for the World Championship Belt. This impressive piece of equipment has adorned the waists of the greatest medios on earth since 2009.

Shit gets real on day 2 in you’re in the hunt.

The MGAWC is a two-round competition. Any penalty strokes you have coming into the MGAWC will be added to each round. Lowest total score after two rounds wins The Belt. (F.A.Q.‘s explain penalty stroke and DQ rules)

The pairings for day one are set by your World Ranking on the Global Money List. On day two, the pairings are re-ordered based on your ranking after round 1.

The magnitude and scope of this event is a shock for all newcomers. The better your round starts, the longer the pressure and nerves stick with you. The trick is to find the perfect balance between performance and inebriation. Do that and you might well become the…