We here in the MGA pride ourselves on following all the rules of golf and shooting what we shoot, no matter how bad or good that score may be. Obviously, we can’t observe every chapter to make sure they follow suit, but you damn well better believe all the rules of golf will be followed at the MGAWC! We think you know those rules, but here are the rules you’re most likely to run into out there, including one Local Rule!


Here’s what happens. Someone has just tapped their 5th putt to within an inch of the hole. They walk up to it with smoke pouring out of their ears, take a full swing and knock it 50 yards into the desert. At that point they have two options.

  1. Go find that ball and finish the hole.
  2. Go on to the next hole without holing out and DQ. It’s simple and there is no interpretation required.



We are playing courses with A LOT of desert areas. To help avoid excruciatingly slow play while medios comb the desert hole-after-hole, we’ll be using a local rule. What constitutes a desert area should be pretty damn obvious to grown-ass men who are set on following the rules. But if there is a disagreement, put it to a vote, with the player whose ball is in the shit not voting. If you don’t like the result of the vote, tough titties and you’re officially taking this shit way too seriously. Chill out and have a beer.

Here are your options if you hit into a desert area.

  1. Re-tee or drop a ball from where you just hit. Add one penalty stroke.
  2. Find the ball and play it as it lies. You only have 3 minutes to find it once it’s your turn to hit. If you can’t find it, you’ll need to go to option 3.
  3. Go back to the point where your ball crossed into the desert area. Take two club lengths from that point and drop a ball (no closer to the hole) from knee height. Add one penalty stroke.
  4. You do not need to find your ball after it goes into a desert area. Work together with the rest of your group to determine where it crossed into the desert area and that it was not CLEARLY O.B. If it was clearly O.B., read on, because the dropping procedure is different.


O.B. is marked by white stakes. Perimeter fences and backyards are also O.B. If you have hit a shot that is CLEARLY (the majority of your group agrees) O.B. you have two options.

  1. Re-tee or drop a ball from where you just hit. Add one penalty stroke. This is a good option if you shank it directly O.B. But if you got good distance out of your shot before it went O.B., you might prefer option 2.
  2. Go up to where your ball crossed the O.B. line. Turn towards the fairway and march through the desert until you reach the edge of the fairway, no closer to the hole. Drop a ball within two club lengths of the edge of the fairway. Add two penalty strokes.


  1. Unplayable lie. You always have the option to move your ball two club-lengths in any direction (no closer to the hole), drop it from knee high and add one penalty stroke.
  2. Cart path relief. If your ball ends up on a cart path or the path interferes with your swing, you can move your ball to the closest point of relief (no closer to the hole) and take ONE club length before dropping from knee height. This is a free drop. Handy tip here: Any time you take a free drop it’s one club length. If you’re taking a penalty stroke while taking a drop, it’s two club lengths.


Because this is the MGA and we’re an honorable bunch, we don’t expect many issues out there. But The Belt can do crazy things to a person. Just know that we will not listen to any stories or whining after the round. It is up to you and your group to make sure everyone follows the rules.

  1. Speak up immediately if you have an issue with something. Once you’re on to the next shot or next hole it’s too late to fix it.
  2. Bring in the entire foursome if you have to and get that shit settled so you can get back to having the time of your life and playing terrible golf.
  3. After the round, get together and make sure your scorecards match. Then turn them both in at the same time, with the more legible one stacked on top.
  4. Don’t bother whining or telling us any stories when you turn your scorecards in. We weren’t out there, so we can’t make any post-round calls.