All local laws and mandates regarding Covid will also be followed, duh.

Updated 9.26.21

Hello Medios. As you might imagine, it’s been a ton of fun trying to look into a crystal ball and come up with the appropriate safety measures for our event, which is still kinda far off in the future.

Because the majority of our event is held outside with ample room for social distancing, we will not be requiring a negative test or proof of vaccine.

We’ve taken everything into consideration though and these are the Covid measures we are going with.


Safety measures:
  • MASK REQUIRED. It must be a ventless KN95 or N95.
  • We will provide free masks at the bus. We bought top rated N95 and KN95 masks. Hopefully one will fit that weird-ass face of yours.
  • Additional busses have been added to allow for more distancing on board.
  • The bus company is taking these additional safety measures.
  • Vents on the busses will be open to let in fresh air.
  • Introspective silence encouraged; in lieu of singing Queen at the top of your lungs.

The busses are the only “indoor” portion of our event. We are comforted by the filtration steps the bus company is taking, but riding the bus is optional if you do not feel comfortable with the confined space. The bus rides can take 35-50 minutes each way depending on traffic.


Safety measures:
  • Outdoors
  • Option to mask
  • Option to select a vaccinated cart partner (you can do so HERE)
  • Optional plexiglass cart dividers available upon request
  • All cart windshields can flip down for ultimate ventilation and 3D vision

The most important part of our event is also the safest part for all the reasons above. These measures, along with the commemorative MGAWC hand sanitizer in your gift bag, insure you’ll have a safe and enjoyable 7-hour round on your way to a 115.


Safety measures:
  • Outdoors
  • Space to social distance
  • Option to mask

Both the Thursday Night Party and the Saturday Awards Ceremony will be held outdoors on the pool deck at the Downtown Grand. As they’re both outdoors, masks will be optional unless local law or hotel policy says otherwise come November. The space is large enough to provide plenty of social distancing room to those who desire it.


Everyone wants a safe event and we all can take a few easy steps to insure that happens. Here are some optional safety measures you can take upon yourself to protect your fellow medios:

  • At-home Rapid Antigen Tests can tell you in 15 minutes if you’re actively infected with Covid-19. Buy one here and test yourself before flying to the event.
  • A thermometer is a great way to tell the difference between a wicked hangover and a fever. Pick a hole and stick it in before getting on the bus.
  • Greet each other with an “atta boy” shoulder slug, rather than an awkwardly long bear hug.
  • Make your social hangs outdoors whenever possible. We plan on spending quite a bit of time at the Backyard Playground at the Gold Spike, which is right near our hotel.

We intend to stick with these measures unless local laws or mandates require anything stricter. If they sound good to you, you can register for MGAWC21 HERE.

If you’ve given it some thought and are not comfortable with these and would like a kinda-full refund (PayPal already spent your 3% processing fee), you have until September 30th to request one by emailing

We can’t wait to get out there and finally crown our next Mediocre Golf World Champion!

El Presidente